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Buy-a-Brick (BaB) Project

1.   What is Buy-a-Brick?
BaB is a project to support the HCCC church building by buying bricks. The required bricks for the whole project is 450,000 and church members are expected to buy this number of bricks. Church members may also approach people they know so that those people buy bricks.

2.   How does it work?
Every member of the church is expected to purchase some bricks. The bricks are sold in units where:1 unit = 5 bricks

3.   How much do bricks cost?
Each brick costs US 30 cents (USD0.30). This cost includes all things required to put the brick on the building, e.g. cement, transport, labour, pit sand, etc. Bricks are purchased as units as defined above. The more units you buy, the less you pay per brick; as follows:

1 unit           =        USD1.50
10 units        =        USD 14.00
100 units       =        USD 130.00

4.   How many bricks am I encouraged to buy?
For HCCC to reach the target of 450,000 bricks, an analysis of the church membership was done and church members were grouped in specific groups. From that, you are encouraged to buy a certain minimum number of units per month depending on the group you are in, as follows:


Units per Month

Price per unit

Total Amount (USD)

Children (0 – 10 yrs old)




Children (11 – 13 yrs old)




Youths (14 – 18 yrs old)




Youths & Adults (unemployed)




Youths & Adults (employed)




If you feel you may not be able to buy the minimum within your group, refer to Question 8 below.

5.   How will I buy the bricks?
Buying a brick is as easy as B-a-B! Just follow the easy steps below:

(i)    Register your target with your Group Coordinator (a volunteer within your group).
(ii)  Plan how you are going to achieve your target on a weekly or monthly basis.
(iii) Take an Offering Envelope as per your plan and put your weekly or monthly amount in the envelope & write “BaB” on the slip. (Please do not forget to write ”BaB” so that Treasury can put the money towards the BaB Project.)
(iv) Seal and put your envelope in the offering bag on Sabbath.
(v)  Do not forget to advise your Group Coordinator to record your BaB contribution.

Every Sabbath, the HCCC Church Building Committee will update the church on how many bricks have been bought towards the target.

6.   For how long is BaB going to run?
Five (5) months from 1 March 2013 to 31 July 2013.

7.   I contribute to Church Building every month via a pledge / planned giving. Do I participate in BaB?
Yes! You are still encouraged to participate in BaB. There is also an option of asking your friends, relatives, business associates, etc to assist you to buy the bricks using the BaB Form as described below.

8.   What is a BaB Form?
The BaB Form allows you to ask your friends, relatives, business associates, etc to assist you to buy the bricks. The bricks you buy this way will still be attributed to you. Use this BaB Form if you feel you may not be able to purchase the target number of bricks that you set for yourself, as guided by the recommended minimum described above. Collect the form from your Group Coordinator. The money you collect using the form must be submitted in the same manner as in Question 5 above.

9.   Are the set targets possible?
The targets that are being encouraged for the whole church and individuals within their groups are very achievable. An easy way to do it is to buy your bricks every Sabbath, e.g. for a youth, buying bricks worth $2 per Sabbath will bring a total of $8 per month and $40 per the 5 months. So, by the grace of God, you can do it!

10.Who is supposed to buy bricks?
Everyone is encouraged to participate. BaB is targeted to ensure everyone in church participates. Remember a brick is just 30 cents! Note that everyone participates as an individual for this project. Even in a family, everyone participates in their own group. Spouses are expected to participate independently.

11.What should I do?
Plan to start buying bricks! Set yourself a monthly target – remember the encouraged targets per group so that the whole church reaches the target of 450,000. Then buy bricks from March to July 2013 !

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